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From $100+/ week to $40/week.. How are we doing?

This is our second month doing our "Budget Diet" and we thought we had everything under control. BUT, BOY! We were both surprised!

When we decided last year to do this project, we knew it would be hard, but we expected that the greatest challenge, would not be eating out every weekend. We had it all figured out. What to do and what to say to each other when one of us wanted to give in to the temptation. But what surprised us is something we never expected.


It is that sweet and amazing substance in our pantry that, when we ran out, made my wife almost want to leave me for our neighbor whom she was pretty sure had TONS of it. Can you imagine the conversation in front of the judge if we filed for divorce? Reason for separation? Sugar. We both thought it was funny. I must admit it was pretty tough for me too, but I will never say that to my wife. One of us need to be strong when the other is weak :)

As I jump back to my spreadsheet to check for dates, I see that we ran out of sugar on Feb. 21st - 24th. To feel so miserable for only for a few days  was an eye openner, considering that we thought we were eating healthily. We now realize how much sugar means to us. We both thought that we suffered longer without it!

What good thing came out of this experience? We have lessened our sugar intake -- using it only for the desserts we bake. (Please check our spreadsheet on how often we eat desserts)

Another surprise? We spent less again this month. We have $24.26 left over this February from our budget of $200.00! (We budget $160.00 for groceries each month, plus $40.00 for dining out. If we do not eat out we can use the $40.00 for groceries. Any surplus we can carry over to the next month.) Our surplus for 2013 to date is $56.89.

My wife and I could not believe it too.

Thank you and see you all next month.

Click here to see our Grocery expenses

Click here to see our meals for February



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