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2013 Challenge

This year my wife and I thought: why not make our blog more fun by attempting a challenge and sharing the experience with our readers.

After some thought, we chose to do a budgeting challenge. Why not try to eat well on a tight budget.

Here are the objectives and rules:


  • Spend only $160/month (approximately $40/week) on groceries.
  • Eat out only twice in one month ($20 each time) .
  • If we choose not to eat out we can put this money towards our groceries or save it for the following month. 


  • Post our grocery expense each month.
  • Post our meals for each month.
  • Eat healthy. The purpose of this challenge is to prove that you can eat well on a limited budget.
  • Post our successes and failures. This is an exercise in budgeting. You can learn just as much from your truimphs as you can from your mistakes.
  • Have fun doing it!

When we started this challenge we had a few things in our pantry, but we figured that when one starts a "budget diet" there will be a few essentials to begin with.

Wish us Luck! We hope you join us with this challenge. Feel free to post any comments.

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