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Young at Heart...

 My wife and I started the New Year by watching a truly moving documentary called "Young at Heart". This film followed the rehearsals and performances of a truly unique chorus group of senior citizens. The youngest member of this group was in his 70s. For two hours we sat mesmerized as these singers proved that life doesn't end when you enter your golden years. We laughed as the oldest member, in her 90s, flirted outrageously with the camera crew. We cringed a little as we watched one 80 year old world war two fighter pilot religiously drive his two friends to practice everyday. We cried again when another wonderful old man came to practice a few days before he died and wept as another extraordinary man was finally defeated from his battle with Cancer. We watched in awe as their performance brought a group of prisoners to tears. We were impressed by their dedication to perfect their craft and giving their audiences - they always performed to sold out crowds - the performance of their lives. It's rare that I watch a film and wish that it would never end, but this was one of those times. I also loved the little music videos of their numbers. Much more creative and moving than the ones you see on MTV. These were all ordinary people who chose to live the final part of their lives in an extraordinary manner. They are not doing anything special other than finding a way to have fun and make the world a little better by using the skills they were born with. We go through life with this fear of growing old, but what we don't realise is that as we age, the adventures of life won't stop as long as we are willing to go out and embrace them. I'd encourage everyone to watch this film and just try and not be moved.

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